Talking With Toes

Flow With Soul Toe Reading - Are You Walking Your Destined Path?

Special Pricing - Limited Time

Kick off your shoes, bare those toes and feet, and prepare to get started on a whole new journey into your life!

Limited Time Offer…

I was recently very honored to partake in a video with beautiful host Dr. Yolanda Dukes, a Metaphysician at Perspective Metaphysics, where I was able to share about what Toe Reading is, how I "stepped" into it, and how it can be a soul-healing experience for people.  

As my way of saying "thank you" for the wonderful blessing of being able to share the message with a larger audience, via this video, it is my honor to offer $25 off to anyone who finds me through that video. 

You have two different options when purchasing a "virtual" Toe Reading. You can have the report emailed to you, or you can have a hard copy mailed to your home/mailing address.  When ordering, be sure to specify the option you prefer.  

Report Sent Via E-mail or VIA MAIL (USPS) - You must specify preferred delivery method

PDF REPORT EMAILED.  Toe Reading is a form of Life-Soul Coaching.  The focus is on the "holographic recording" of experiences that have taken place in a person's life up to the present moment.   Toe Readings can help you discover if you are on your true path in life, or if you need guidance to get back on track.  If you have never had a Toe Reading you owe yourself the opportunity to discover if you walking your destined path and, believe it or not, your toes know more than you might realize.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PRICE, per “virtual” Toe Reading, is $75.00 (normally $100.00), with a PDF report emailed to you, or printed and mailed to you through the US mail service.  The $75.00 payment is due at time of purchasing/ordering and is non-refundable.

If you want to receive your Toe Reading report, printed and mailed to you, then you must must provide your correct and true mailing address to receive your printed report in the mail. 

You can also make a request for a Zoom, Skype, or telephone follow-up to discuss some aspects of your report.  If you decide you want this, the follow-up connection will need to be a scheduled appointment.

NOTE: Your receipt will show as being from Creative Life Purpose, LLC